We Are Hunted

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  • I didn't think this song could get any better until I heard Penguin Prison's remix. Definitely adds some flare to any already marvelous narrative of song.
  • Makes me wish a lived a little closer than 2,000 miles away from my mom. Poignant look at the cycle of life.
  • Delilah's clawing vocals drive the emotions of the song on a seesaw of up and down with a wonderful soundtrack providing a balance of urgency and drama. A wonderful track.
  • Foster's haunting vocal coons provide gritty details to a past break up. The music video isn't too bad, either, if you like Kristen Stewart. A heartfelt ballad that juxtaposes Foster's performance with the seemingly optimistic music. Wonderful autumnal relationship listening.
  • While Desire's vocal range is fairly shallow in this offering, her indie croon provides a mesmerizing background to the song's repetitive, yet catchy, lyrics. The "rap" in the beginning is a bit jarring, but overall the song captures a sense of longing and the kind of blind love Cupid casts.

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