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Amazon Has A Pricing Epiphany Regarding Chrisette Michele’s ...
Chrisette Michele's second album, Epiphany , comes out today, and while browsing around Amazon MP3 this morning I noticed that it's been marked down to $2.99 for the time being ...
3 weeks, 1 day ago - 11 p.m. Tuesday 5th May 2009 EST
Potential Summer Jam Alert: Chrisette Michele Takes It ...
"What You Do" is the second single from Chrisette Michele 's forthcoming Epiphany , and it's probably ideal that it's going to be officially released just as spring flows into ...
1 month, 2 weeks ago - 2 a.m. Tuesday 14th April 2009 EST
Chrisette Michele Gets Into Character [Videodrone Extra]
Long Island-spawned Chrisette Michele 's second album, Epiphany , comes out in May, and thanks to the strength of the Ne-Yo-co-written title track—a not-quite-lament about a relationship gone wrong—I'm very ...
2 months, 2 weeks ago - 2 a.m. Friday 13th March 2009 EST
The Idolator Q & A: Ne-Yo [In Conversation]
Friday night I saw Ne-Yo headline Radio City Music Hall, and like his spellbinding set at last December's Jingle Ball , the 75 minutes he spent on stage were a ...
3 months ago - 3 a.m. Thursday 26th February 2009 EST
Chrisette Michele: Grammy Winner, Ne-Yo Collaborator [Listening Station]
While the timing of the Grammys' eligibility period can be a little befuddling to music fans (ex. "Wait, didn't In Rainbows come out a really long time ago?"), the delay ...
3 months, 2 weeks ago - 3 a.m. Thursday 12th February 2009 EST
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