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Amazon's MP3 Pricing Plan: Looks Like They Went ...
Amazon has entered the world of charging $1.29 for certain songs, following the lead taken by iTunes yesterday and rendering somewhat irrelevant the snarky remarks of Diggsters . By and ...
1 month, 2 weeks ago - 3:30 a.m. Thursday 9th April 2009 EST
Skeezy Bands Compete In Skeezy Contest [Misogyny]
Chicago Reader music writer Miles Raymer rightfully lampoons a new contest from such halcyon musical minds as Saliva, Burn Halo , and Framing Hanley called The Dirty Tourney . (Keep ...
2 months ago - 6 a.m. Friday 27th March 2009 EST
Beyoncé Blows Up The Spot [Videodrone]
Beyoncé's new clip for "Diva," her attempt at creating an "A Milli" for all the ladies in the house, starts with the tried-and-true "dictionary definition of a key word" intro ...
5 months ago - 12:15 a.m. Wednesday 24th December 2008 EST
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