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090223: That Next Hype

090223: That Next Hype

Let’s kick off this Monday and the last week of February with a nyce grime banger from The No Hats No Hoods Records-crew. This time around it’s all about Tempa T, who might be a man of very FEW words on msn and on the phone, but luckily has the skillz to spit in ultra rapid on the mic and personally I do prefer the latter. Some might remember him from his take on the Battle Riddim or from Mumdance’s mix of Santogold’s Creator which also featured Jammer, Badness, Chronik, Rage, Silkman? Or perhaps from this golden oldie?: However, Tempa T is kinda special, his voice is …strange? Not in the bad Frisco-way (seriously, still can’t stand it) more positive ....

9:36 a.m. Friday 20th February 2009 EST
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