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090327: Me Zumbi

090327: Me Zumbi

Let's kick off the weekend with a bang, shall we? Before today I was really annoyed that my .mp3-player lacked a display but today I found out what’s good about it. Randomness. Not knowing, the lack of control and being totally fine with it.

Everythings feels like a Kinder Egg surprise more or less, haha. Like this track below, the perfect example. I sat on the tram home from what have been the best workweek of all time and this reached my ears.

Ears that have been skipping back and forth between BlaqStarr’s Bang Hard and GLC’s Flight School the past days. I was completely blown away, thought to myself that: "Shit who is this girl?! I think I’m in .... 9:20 a.m. Tuesday 24th March 2009 EST
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