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10 Best Albums You Might Have ...

When we painstakingly compile our annual Best Albums list , there are always a few outliers, albums that we loved deeply but, for one reason or another, didn't find a spot in the top 40. It's music that we blasted from our cubicles, sought out at club shows, and dropped onto playlists for pals, that didn't necessarily permeate the popular consciousness, or score career-changing syncs in car commercials. Simply put, we loved these oft-underappreciated albums -- we hope you will, too.

Post your favorite under-the-radar album of 2009 in the comments section below! AN HORSE Rearrange Beds This Australian girl-boy/guitar-drums duo handed Tegan and Sara a demo tape and ended up as their opening band. But An Horse's debut album ....
From 'Spin'
12:46 a.m. Saturday 12th December 2009 EST
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