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1.5 Shows A Year

What kind of crazy fucked up world do we live in where the average concertgoer attends fewer than TWO SHOWS A YEAR? Yup, thats what Michael Rapino said yesterday at the Goldman Sachs clusterfuck. None Why IS that? First and foremost, there are not enough acts people want to see. Its funny to watch.<br/><br/> The majors have laid off not only employees, but acts. Check Columbias roster, Rick Rubin has sliced and diced. And there was that consolidation at Capitol.<br/><br/> And the whacking of the acts over at Warner. FURTHERMORE, the acts that are left cant seem to gain traction, we just cant get everybody to pay ATTENTION! I mean I used to go to one or two baseball games .... midnight Thursday 20th September 2007 EST
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