A while back a pal sent me a text (yes, you) challenging me to produce a cd of the best of 1969. So, I'm gonna do it in installments. It's starting a bit heavily: mp3 The Rolling Stones: Gimme Shelter In 1968, the Stones returned brilliantly to a mix of the blues, country and brilliant rock'n'roll; they also captured the zeitgeist with the likes of Street Fighting Man and Sympathy for the Devil.

In the year in which flower power turned darker, and Altamont saw fans killed by Hell's Angels, the Stones captured the mood in this brilliant, menacing and snaky masterpiece. Rape, murder, just a shot away... mp3 The Stooges: I Wanna Be Your Dog In spite of their would be Satanic Majesties poses, you know the Stones feared the reaper.

Not Iggy. This is, pure and simple, on of the great slabs of primal rock. But now, romance gives way...

c'mowwwwwn,,, 1969 also saw Led Zep make their first two albums. Already, the heavy riffing was there, but so were the blues and folk that made them a more interesting band than many recall. Of those, I reckon this is the highlight, its heavy blues riff, Plant's wail.

mp3 Led Zeppelin: Dazed and Confused Finally, the obscure. Mott the Hoople's first album wasn't up to much bar this first slice of Ian Hunter's Dylan fetish. mp3 Mott the Hoople: Backsliding Fearlessly More to come....

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