1. “31 Minutes to Takeoff (Intro)”2. “Please...

1. “31 Minutes to Takeoff (Intro)” 2. “Please Don’t Go” 3.

“Bow Chicka” 4. “Cooler Than Me (Single Mix)” 5. “Déjà Vu” 6.

“Do U Wanna?” 7. “Cheated On U” 8. “Gone In September” 9.

“Save Your Goodbyes” 10. “Synthesizer” 11. “Delta 1406” 12.”Falling” Here is the tracklist for Mike Posner’s debut release hitting shelves on August 10th.

You can pre-order on Amazon right HERE . The iTunes pre-sale is coming in 10 days on July 20th. Stay tuned for single number two coming soon!.

from 'WatchMyEgo'

7:42 a.m. Sunday 11th July 2010 EST
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