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2005 Awards

None Jimmy Iovine (Why else would he have that film deal and have his hands in so many ventures. Did Ahmet get a deal with Paramount? John Hammond? Hell, if it aint money Jimmys looking for, its power. And both of those are far from the tunes.) None Mitch Bainwol (While standing up for the major labels Mitch and his minions state that theyre looking out for the artist.<br/><br/> Nothing could be further from the truth. Internet distribution via monetized P2P is the artists friend. Only one problem, if it takes hold most artists will have no need for a major label.) None Edgar Bronfman, Jr.<br/><br/> (I truly believe that Edgar loves music. Only one problem, Thomas H. Lee loves ....<br/><br/> midnight Monday 9th January 2006 EST
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