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2008 mixes - covers!

I've always rather liked cover songs - or at least, I've never been one of those folks who can't imagine a cover that does anything but make one want to listen to the original (which is not to say that some covers don't do exactly and only that). So this is the second or third year in which I've compiled a playlist consisting solely of covers I'd run into during that year. Here's the 2008 version: Ringtone Tycoon: "it's okay, they're speaking Chinese..." 1.<br/><br/> Marnie Stern "Don't Stop Believin'" (Journey): Among the more interesting varieties of covers are those that begin in your mind as clearly ironic...but then turn out to represent aspects of the original song that were more .... 2:57 p.m. Wednesday 31st December 2008 EST
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