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2009: The Year I Went To ...

During 2008, I attended a shameful total of 4 gigs. To compensate this, I am trying to go to as many as possible during 2009. Having only just turned 17, I can't drive yet, and am pretty lazy so won't be learning any time soon.<br/><br/> Not being able to drive means I struggle to find means of transport to and from gigs. This is a documentation of my journey through 2009 so far. Exciting, right? 8th Jan - Colour/Tubelord/Calories/Venice Ahoy @ Hamptons Bar, Southampton Running (or any other form of exercise) is not my forte.<br/><br/> But when there's a Tubelord gig at stake, things change. I ran not very far at all to catch the bus into Southampton and almost .... 6:02 a.m. Tuesday 3rd March 2009 EST
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