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2009Playlist #31: Joy Orbison - Hyph ...

the 2009 playlist Best Songs of the year. ENTRY #31 When I read genuine comments like "I FOUND JESUS IN THIS SONG" and "Best song in ten feckin years!!!!!! DDAAAAAMMMMNNNNN!!!!!!" on YouTube, some sort of physical force takes over me. Completely powerless, I can't refocus until I own the song.<br/><br/> Does anyone else get it or am I just addicted to MP3s? Either way, this supposedly "best song in ten years" has only 61 comments and less than 25,000 views. Strange. Now I'm not saying Joy Orbison's Hyph Mngo is life changing or anything, but basically, if you give this song a try, open you mind and let it grow on you, then yeah, your life may have changed.<br/><br/> MP3: .... 4:02 a.m. Tuesday 15th September 2009 EST
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