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2.0 by The XX: You used ...

Photography by gabriele chiapparini Hi guys! Did you have fun yesterday going through our entries & winner of our Dirty Photo shoot and corresponding photography-themed mixtape ?? ME TOO! What a coincidence! But, and I'm sorry for this, I need to make a correction to the correction in yesterday's post... Yesterday, I declared that Raditude , the new album by Weezer, as my Album Of The Decade .... Well, upon re-considering, re-thinking, re-marking, and re...<br/><br/> membering the days of yore, I think I need to make a change. Going forward, our new GREATEST ALBUM OF THE 00'S is..... Blue Boy by Ron Sexmith!!! Congratulations Ron! I have canceled shipment of the prize (my love & undying affection) to Weezer and ....<br/><br/> 2:57 a.m. Friday 21st August 2009 EST
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