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29 in 2009 - King Crimson: ...

29 in 2009 - King Crimson: "In the Court of the Crimson King"

King Crimson: In the Court of the Crimson King Originally Released : October 10, 1969 Genre : Progressive Rock Rating : 9 out of 10 Stars Whoever left the comment about my 29 in 2009 series going the Sufjan Stevens "50 states" route gets mad props from me. That's actually a pretty clever comment. However, unlike Sufjan Stevens, I have a day job and responsibilities that need to be attended to.

How I wish I could just sit in my Brooklyn apartment all day in my vintage clothes and play on my banjo! Alas, that is not my life. Not now at least. As it turns out, I still have a very keen interest in current indie music and so ....

12:07 p.m. Saturday 31st January 2009 EST
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