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29 in 2009: The Final 9

Many thanks go out to all of you who voted for your favorite albums to be featured in the final 9 slots in the 29 in 2009 series. As of the moment of this writing, I've added up all the votes and come up with the winners of the voting. Unfortunately, not every record could make it (obviously), but I am pretty happy with the results of the voting.<br/><br/> It's filled with stuff I've heard in passing, stuff I've never heard of, and stuff I'm pretty sure I'm going to loathe (lookin' at you, Sonic Youth). Check out the full list of 29 after the break, as well as the total votes that each album received. Click HERE to check ....<br/><br/> 8:18 a.m. Tuesday 15th September 2009 EST
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