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300th POST! New from R&S Records: ...

R&S records is one of THE MOST RESPECTED TECHNO LABELS OF ALL TIME. So I'm very proud to announce that this, ARCADIA'S 300th POST will be highlighting the relaunch of this great label. Read below to see why...<br/><br/> there's LOADS of goodies today, but I think it's more than worth your time to read why these tracks are so relevant and this label so cool... we'll start with Delphic , then move to a FREE 4 track R&S sampler, and then I'll give you a tip on a couple new tracks that are pure dancefloor fillers :) I kept hearing about Delphic from various media types and industry people. On a daily basis, almost, I've been seeing their names.<br/><br/> Now .... 4:13 a.m. Wednesday 15th April 2009 EST
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