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'500 Days' Indie Deluxe Soundtrack Revealed

'500 Days' Indie Deluxe Soundtrack Revealed

We've repeatedly referred to "500 Days of Summer" as "The Shins of indie movies" and, upon reviewing the recently revealed soundtrack, it seems we were right, at least musically speaking. It contains every imaginable twee-as-fuck indie rock song EXCEPT something from The Shins (who are still so tainted by that "Garden State" mention that they're not permitted to place their songs prominently in any indie films until 2020 according to direct orders from Jesus - but he was wearing a trucker hat at the time so the binding legality is obviously questionable). We understand this movie has some questionable song & dance moments in it and we're guessing, since the soundtrack listing doesn't list performers for these two songs, that ....

2:56 p.m. Tuesday 27th January 2009 EST
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