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50 Cent: 50 Cent Looks Rich ...

Apart from a montage HBO preview before a couple seasons of The Wire , I can honestly say the 23 second clip above is the only footage of Entourage I have ever watched. Near as I can tell, it's Sex and the City , but set in L.A., one of them has a real job (well, if you count being an actor), and with, you know, weiners (I also hear Marky Mark is involved, sans Funky Bunch). 50 Cent was on the episode that aired last night, appearing as "Curtis," which is allegedly his real name, talking down to the dude I imagine is the stand-in for the redhead from Sex in the City.<br/><br/> Or something. I don't hold a .... 1 a.m. Tuesday 28th July 2009 EST
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