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50 Cent: "Flight 187"

For someone who allegedly has an album out soon ( Before I Self-Destruct, out in stores sometime, or maybe never), 50 Cent has been banging out a bunch of mixtapes. His latest, The 50th Law of Power , is a tie-in to his upcoming book, The 50th Law , a book about business that contains 50's words of wisdom, and the tape's first single, "Flight 187," just got a airplane-centered video that features 50 lobbing grenades at Jay-Z (he says he dresses like Urkel now), and smoking crack in an airplane. From many other rappers, this would seem pretty corny, but given 50's recent track record, it's a step up (especially since he's taken over for Eminem in the rapping ....<br/><br/> 12:07 a.m. Saturday 5th September 2009 EST
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