7-inch series, part 518

Marc Aryan - Katy label: Markal year: 1965 side a1: Bête à Manger Du Foin side a2: Toi Je Te Regarde side b1: Katy side b2: Tu Es Une Petite Fille Marc Aryan - Un Jour label: Markal year: 1965 side a: Un Jour side b: Ma Loulou I had never heard of Marc Aryan until I got these two singles as a goodbye present from Margot, the lady also known as Polly, initiator and boss of the fabulous Planeet Polly show on Radio Centraal in Antwerp. They came from her family's collection, she told me as she handed me these and three other 45s, which will be featured here at a later date. The second single, "Un Jour" is ....

6:42 p.m. Monday 2nd March 2009 EST
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