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81st Annual Oscar Ceremony Set To ...

81st Annual Oscar Ceremony Set To Be Even More Wet, Wild And Unpredictable Than Usual; New Films To Be Sneak Peeked

In a bid to interest those that generally tune out halfway through and adult ' Dark Knight ' whiners still in mourning, Sid Ganis and the Oscars keep claiming, "watch out, there's going to be lots of surprises!" at this year's 81st annual Academy Awards ceremony. Let's see Hugh Jackman singing and dancing, telling flat jokes about the international success of " Australia ," nodding and pointing out Nicole Kidman and B az Luhrmann , along with the requisite, " hey, it's Jack ! " throw? The nominees have actually been " warned ." "Your categories are being presented in a completely different way. Heads up," Ganis , president of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences told actors ....

3:41 a.m. Wednesday 4th February 2009 EST
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