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-[ Streetlab @ Cameo in Brooklyn ...

Streetlab will be playing live this Saturday January 31st at Cameo (Lovin Cup) in Williamsburg. The venue is the old Anytime spot on North Sixth street. Check out the flyer and some free downloads of some streetlab remixes...

You can download Streetlab's remixes for free at the streetlab website: or you can grab a bunch below if your feeling lazy. Go out and support some local music at a local venue!!! Also Streetlab will be playing the Apple Store in February. Check out my previous post: Streetlab: Playing Apple Store and Updated Remix of The Beatles Sgt.

Peppers DOWNLOAD -[ Digitalism - Taken Away (Streetlab mix) ]- DOWNLOAD -[ Thieves Like Us - Drugs In My Body (Streetlab mix) ]- ....
5:21 a.m. Wednesday 28th January 2009 EST
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