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-[:]- The Octopus Project - New ...

-[:]- The Octopus Project - New EP, New LP + Bee Gees Cover -[:]-

One of my favorite bands of the last couple years is The Octopus Project. I really love unique sounding music and these guys and girls deliver what I need. I was obsessed with their last record and got excited when I heard all the news on their website.

Here is a copy and paste job from their site. New record coming this year!!!!! " Hello folks! Our first foray as a band began back in 1999 with a Christmas release of sorts, and we thought we'd continue that tradition with a special little release for all of you. As a Christmas gift to you fine folks, we would like to give you our cover of the Bee Gees song, "I.O.I.O." ....

4:17 a.m. Thursday 29th January 2009 EST
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