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A Apolitical Blues

Ive been spending all day downloading live shows. The Linda Ronstadt radio show from the Record Plant back in 73 wasnt as audio-exquisite as one might expect, it being broadcasted and everything. Karla Bonoffs show from Nashville back in 78 was revelatory.<br/><br/> How do they know the essence of life so young? I had to enter my thirties, late twenties at best, before I knew most of what Karla and Jackson Browne were singing about as young pups. And speaking of Jackson, theres a great show from the Main Point back in 73. Its good enough to release as is.<br/><br/> But not as good as this radio show from 72, broadcast on WLIR. This is BETTER than most live shows. ....<br/><br/> midnight Tuesday 2nd September 2008 EST
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