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A Bear/Sucioperro/Baddies/Ice, Sea, Dead People, Hey ...

This is pretty much a SOB SOB, because recently my favourite band from daahhn Saaf, Reuben [featured above], have effectively "split up". This is pretty annoying, as it's the latest in a long line of British bands who I love breaking up. Million Dead, Engerica, Howard's Alias, SikTh - Hell Is For Heroes aren't going to tour anymore and Hundred Reasons have got away with pap for years now.<br/><br/> It all seems like doom and gloom. What's the point in life, etc etc etc? Reuben Myspace. Thankfully there are some bands I can run to.<br/><br/> Manchester's lovely A Bear , who, like their name suggest, are manly. So manly in fact that they play harder than some professional bands I .... 5:07 a.m. Saturday 14th June 2008 EST
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