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A Beta-Alpha-Cal Glance At My Favorite ...

I am surprised that I liked The Duke & The King’s album better than the Felice Brothers. If you don’t know, The Duke & The King are Simone Felice and Robert "Chicken" Burke. Simone used to play in The Felice Brothers – who I love.

But The Felice Brothers’ album – Yonder Is The Clock – had a bunch of great songs. But as a whole, didn’t feel like a great album. Nothing Gold Can Stay is sorta like a concept album.

And sounds like “an album” not just a collection of songs. An album I really enjoyed this year. Listen: The Duke & The King ∞ Union Street Week One: The Two Man Gentlemen Band Week Two: David Rawlings ....

11 p.m. Monday 30th November 2009 EST
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