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A Blast From The Past: Monkey ...

I'm lacking a bit in inspiration at the moment, so I'll repost something old. Aeons ago (March 2007) I started my first blog, Monkey Bastard's MP3 Blahg. About four people read it.

three people, not counting myself. On that blog I used to post mixes with 15 tracks each every Monday and Friday, and I kept doing it here too for a while before I started doing mixes with themes. This one, volume sixteen , was posted on June 11th 2007 to GLOWING REVIEWS! And by that I mean three people left comments saying they liked it.

It's good enough to post again, so enjoy. I has an awful lot of tracks from 2006 on it though. Not sure what ....

4:43 a.m. Friday 27th November 2009 EST
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