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A Girl and a Cello

I like birds (I've got three parrots) and I like cellos (I played in orchestra for four years), so it was only natural that I'd check out the sophomore album from Janice Price, aka Bird, titled Girl and a Cello . Described by the Daily Telegraph as "Bjork crossed with Rickie Lee Jones”, Bird, a virtuoso cellist and songstress, has been featured on Just Jack's 2007 album Overtones and recently finished recording for his new album, to be released later this year. Unfortunately, unlike birds and cellos, A Girl and a Cello isn't really my thing (but neither is Bjork), seeing as how it has a girl and a cello, but not much in the way of noise or guitars, ....<br/><br/> 2:08 p.m. Tuesday 21st July 2009 EST
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