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a glimpse of Tuff EM UP ...

// 2 years in the making.. Trashbags branches out with ' Tuff Em Up ' Records After planning out all the logistics on the direction the label will take, it has all come to fruit now. Only a short moment from now, ' Tuff Em Up Records' Press release will be released out to all media and out to the blog world, being able to say we will be working with some amazing artist throughout the world, we would like to thank artists and great friends from across the world Thank you 'The Toxic Avenger', Redial, Filip Turbotito, From guns'n'bombs, Dilemn, Gtronic, Passions, Danger, Polymorphic, Volatile, D.I.M, The Proxy, Kolt13, Barretso, Nik Valentino from Lost Valentinos & Semone who will ....

From 'Trashbag Kids'
12:03 p.m. Monday 21st September 2009 EST
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