A little Shad-y

Shad 's newest album, TSOL , comes with a pretty impressive endorsement. No, not that one ; I'm talking about this one . I actually mean that with a pretty high degree of seriousness.

Chromewaves is someone I have a lot of faith in/respect for, so when he says that an album should just be handed this year's Polaris Prize , I'm inclined to at least give his pick more than a couple of listens. After several times through TSOL , though...well, I'm thinking maybe I should limit my faith to when he's not talking about hip-hop. Obviously, I'm not one to talk, since my knowledge of the genre is pretty much non-existent.

And I don't want to give the ....

from 'i (heart) music'

1:11 a.m. Thursday 8th July 2010 EST
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