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A monthly mix: November!

November! Didn't quite make it by the first, but yes, it is indeed monthly mix time again! November is looking pretty good so far – leaves are really coming off the trees now and sweater weather is almost in full swing! This mix was sort based stylistically around the fact that I just HAD to put a Spinanes song on it, and it just HAD to be "Hawaiian Baby", and then the rest of the mix just sort of fell into place. Lots of 90s, and if I'm not mistaken, all American bands, too. This mix, like most of the monthly mixes, is a pretty good representation of where my tastes are lying at the moment.<br/><br/> Anyway, I hope you .... 1:55 p.m. Tuesday 3rd November 2009 EST
Skatterbrain! Awwthum! 158 posts in collection
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