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A new reason to hate the ...

A new reason to hate the human heart.

Today is, for me, one of the saddest imaginable days in music news - Lux Interior, front man of absolutely brilliant psychobilly band the Cramps, passed away yesterday of a heart condition not yet named in print. Ron Asheton's death might have been bigger news due to status, and certainly was as premature, but Lux's death (erm - Erick Lee Purkhiser's, rather) is a shame for me on a personal level because the Cramps have been one of my very favorite bands since early childhood. Having been raised primarily by a mother with a great collection of punk records, my first music memory is actually of the Cramps; I recall being five years old, sitting in the car with my ....

1:47 p.m. Friday 6th February 2009 EST
choir croak out them goodies 40 posts in collection
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