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A Night Slugs Sweat

I've totally gotten into mix tapes again. I'm finding lots of good ones again and i'm finding a lot more with some purpose and energy. I'm totally into one's that are either genre-specific, or you know, sound-specific, so i go for them a lot.<br/><br/> I still cant stand those sorta "april mix" style things usually, you know, whatever hot tunes are in the blog charts for the month, unless they're from some1 i already know and respect, usually. I'm obviously looking for a range of tracks/artists i don't know in a mix, but just enuf that i do know to draw me in. I'm also into just good mixes and mashes in a mix - but that's kinda hard for ....<br/><br/> 1:40 a.m. Wednesday 16th September 2009 EST
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