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A Picture of Deradoorian Grey

A Picture of Deradoorian Grey

I've long been a fan of the Dirty Projectors, since my friend Jake turned me on to The Getty Address - an album that has become one of my top three record of all time. Yes, it's that amazing. I've written about them before here at TSRE, but recently I've been getting really excited about the Dirty Projectors all over again.

My enthusiasm was spiked by a pleasant surprise - I bought tickets for a TV On The Radio show and found out after buying the tickets that Dirty Projectors would be opening. Amazing. That buzz continues to grow the more I read/hear about Angel Deradoorian's eponymous sideproject.

She sings in Dirty Projectors, using effortlessly graceful harmonies to compliment Dave .... 10:25 p.m. Wednesday 25th March 2009 EST
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