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A Ripple Road Trip - vol. ...

As in my first Ripple Roadtrip post, this post is a homage to the wonderful, vast assortment of music that finds it's way into postman Sal's mailbag, and therefore onto our Ripple desks each day. And if there's one thing I love about the Ripple, it's that variety. As opposed to some websites who seem to think they're above the musicians, or the many quality sites out there that focus on a particular genre, here at the Ripple we're one big open mind.

Rock, pop, punk, prog, proto-metal. It don't matter. Our job is simply to write about the music that moves us, each and every day.

So today, let's go for another ride in the Ripple Ghia and see ....
5:15 p.m. Monday 23rd March 2009 EST
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