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//Ghetto ruckus causing anarchy Well other than my 2 post getting taken down today, my day has been going well, then again its only early, There has been a few mix tapes/Podcast i have been enjoying of late, and they come of Ghetto Ruckus, Newly recruiting youngster RA, and heavy artillery hitters 'VOLATILE' Ghetto Ruckus, has come along way, since the days of Scavenger, where this got plugged absolutely everywhere, even Kissy Sellout was dropping Ghetto Ruckus tunes, - He has now branched off on a Solo career, keeping the Ghetto Ruckus name, and has hit the studio into isolation, for some major creation of new songs, and new sounds. He Has been kind enough to feature a 20 min ....
From 'Trashbag Kids'
11:33 a.m. Wednesday 16th September 2009 EST
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