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A Shut-Ins Guide to the Hottest ...

Last year when picking my top 10 for Matthew/ i(heart)music ’s Hottest Canadian Bands poll my metric for hotness was “artists that I like more this year” . Certainly, that will remain part of my (unknowable) formula this year. The second part of this year’s (unknowable) selection formula measures how, air quotes, successful the band has been this year: Have people been writing about them? Going to their shows? Have they been winning awards real or imaginary? Do they have a twitter account? If so, do they post hilarious stuff for my enjoyment? And so on… The third part of the (unknowable) formula is how I think the band/artist needs some help, or how much I feel compelled that others ....<br/><br/> 1:03 a.m. Saturday 31st October 2009 EST
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