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So it’s 2000, and my admittedly crap band, the Recordbreakers , broke up after our drummer Brian quit to join an emo band and our bassist Kevin left to help form the much, much better Popular Shapes . After some shuffling around and twiddling our thumbs, the remaining Recordbreakers regrouped as the Catahoula Hounds with Jed on vocals/guitars, Andres on bass, and me on guitar. We kicked around for a few months without a drummer until Andres ran into Shawn, the shred-tastic guitarist from Portrait of Poverty, at a Valentine Killers show who said he was interested in playing drums with us.<br/><br/> I think my first thought was, “the dude from Subvert wants to jam with us? Awesome!” And why .... 12:33 p.m. Thursday 8th May 2008 EST
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