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A Sunday Conversation with Gideon Smith

A Sunday Conversation with Gideon Smith

First time we heard Gideon Smith's latest offering, South Side of the Moon , we were blown away here at the Ripple office. I mean, open the windows and let some air in to clear the acrid smoke, blown away. Coming at us with a massive, meaty, mix of stoner rock, big time '70's inspired riffery, and seasonings from the deep south, in a big 'ol southern gothic way, this was a meaty platter dense enough for us to sink our teeth into.

"Dixie Damned," as he likes to call it. We just couldn't wait to fire up the Bar-B-Q and invite Mr. Smith to come sit a spell on the Ripple couch and tell us all about what makes ....

6:44 p.m. Sunday 15th February 2009 EST
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