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A Sunny Day in Glasgow: A ...

A Sunny Day in Glasgow announced a follow-up to their 2007 debut, Scribble Mural Comic Journal . After recording that album in a bedroom with one microphone, Ben Daniels brought his to a larger studio space and they used all the borrowed equipment they could get to record the new effort, Ashes Grammar . A bigger space, more time to experiment, and some lineup changes yield the results found on Ashes Grammar .<br/><br/> In addition to the departure of vocalist Lauren Daniels for graduate school and the arrival of cellist and pianist Annie Fredrickson, an accident left bassist Brice Hickey bedridden during recording. He still played the bass lines on the album, but his girlfriend--another vocalist in the band--reduced her .... 2:06 a.m. Wednesday 24th June 2009 EST
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