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a time when we were so ...

paramore / franklin monday monday monday. nice, i can post whatever i want, no guilt! best idea ever. today : paramore.<br/><br/> haha. i'd never heard of paramore until very recently, honestly. i might be too old or..<br/><br/> well, maybe i just have better taste? :P ouch, sorry. i didn't really mean that - it's not like they're claiming to be the best band ever, right? let's put things into perspective : they're good at what they're aiming for. i stumbled across the lyrics for that song, 'franklin', and just fell in love with them - the song itself is far from being impressive but it really speaks to me anyhow.<br/><br/> kudos to them for writing a song about their hometown .... 9:45 p.m. Monday 26th October 2009 EST
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