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A-Trak says 'WHOA'

Hip Hop and electro go way back. The original genre of electro funk spawned from the pumping beats of all things ghettho - be it hip hop, detroit techno, ghettotech or breakbeat. The sythesis of the looped backing beats of early hip hop and the catchy melodies of Kraftwerk's synth work saw the genesis of electro .

Now, however, 'electro' is used as a somewhat vaguer label and regarded as synonymous with a handful of electronic sub genres - whether it's disco, crunchy distortion, a more energetic form of house, crunk, electropop, certain progressions of bassline, or the newer glitchy and fidgety styles. Alot of the 'electro' found on the blogs is really a newer form of electroclash - a ....
9:04 p.m. Monday 25th August 2008 EST
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