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A TVD Special Event | Story/Stereo

See, it's a blog. We're into words. And storytelling.<br/><br/> And music. And a convergence of both is upon all week at TVD (per usual) and uniquely this Friday at the Writer's Center in Bethesda. Now, normally this is the part where we fill you in, but we thought we'd invite the event's curators, Chad from Beauty Pill and Matt from The Caribbean to offer some background on the event AND on the band, Roofwalkers, who've taken over TVD for the week with their words and music: Story/Stereo is a modest cultural experiment in cross-media collaboration.<br/><br/> Ugh. That sounds highfalutin. Scratch that.<br/><br/> Story/Stereo is just a night of words & music. The Writer's Center selected some excellent emerging poets, essayists, .... 12:17 a.m. Tuesday 15th September 2009 EST
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