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Aaron Schroeder: Black & Gold

A while ago, I had the priviledge to interview pop folkist Aaron Schroeder on his new album, " Black & Gold ". Due to the hectic nature of moving back to the dorms and adjusting back to the chaos of college life, it took me an unforgivable amount of time to transcribe it, but here it is in all its glory: ---------------------------------------------------- The Milk Lounge- "Interview: Aaron Schroeder" [Removed] TakeoffZebra: Alright, first of all, is there an official release date for the new album, "Black & Gold"? Aaron Schroeder: Well, I'm gonna be getting them back from the pressing plant Wednesday, so that's as good as any official date. So what is Wednesday? The 22nd? I guess it'll be Wednesday, ....<br/><br/> 4:08 a.m. Thursday 27th September 2007 EST
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