Actionbeat! Machete Lives?

-Is it true? Have the Weinsteins gotten so desperate that they are finally spinning off the most popular scene in their huge flop " Grindhouse ?" Whispers around Hollywood suggest the Danny Trejo slice-and-dice segment " Machete " is now a "priority" for the sinking ship that is the Weinsteins, especially a weekend after the Oscar nominations did nothing to fatten the profit margin for " The Reader ." Robert Rodriguez has claimed he's had a script for a feature-length "Machete" ready for ages, and he's known to shoot quickly, so in theory, this could get shooting very quickly, though reports of a trilogy might be fairly premature. [ Slashfilm ] - Neil Marshall (" Doomsday ," " The Descent .... 7:31 a.m. Thursday 29th January 2009 EST
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