Active Child

Active Child is a project whose focus is on hybridity and experimentation. Started by Los Angeles-based artist Pat Grossi, its music is about reinventing the familiar into the foreign, while still retaining a hint of nostalgia. Because of Grossi, crunching synths keep their vigor but sound romantic, and falsetto vocals remain awe-inspiring but have the power to command.

His new EP Curtis Lane proves that the mixing of two drastic worlds of music — the beat-filled dance floors and the uplifting harmoniousness of choirs — can clash in the most beautiful ways. Polished choral singing, previously homed only by churches and operas, has found a cozy seat beside gritty electronic sounds that are warped and fuzzy. Even though there's already ....

From 'Beyond Race'
8:58 a.m. Tuesday 1st June 2010 EST
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