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Adam Sandler To Cameo In 'Green ...

The L.A. Times is reporting that Seth Rogen has enlisted " Funny People " costar Adam Sandler for a cameo in the once-thought-dead " Green Hornet " movie. But as who? A "certain surprise superhero" is the only detail shared by the pokey reporter, and all signs point to the Lone Ranger .<br/><br/> The Hornet's alter ego Britt Reid had been revealed as a great nephew of the Ranger in the original radio show, so it makes sense that he'd be the superhero in question, but didn't Disney announce a " Lone Ranger " movie with Johnny Depp late last year? Hey, maybe Disney will wait for Sony to shoot the "Green Hornet" movie with the Lone Ranger cameo before .... 6:41 a.m. Thursday 29th January 2009 EST
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