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Aeroplane Pageant CD release show Sat ...

After releasing the dream pop of “Wave to the Moon,” Aeroplane Pageant returns with a punchier pop album “Even the Kids Don’t Believe Me.” This record celebrates the American tradition of storytelling; the band crafts a fascinating narrative sprung from a fabricated image of a tiger swallowing a man whole. The opening track, “Memory Begins Elsewhere,” serves as prelude with its saturated mash of musical fragments relaying a stream of consciousness. For the rest of the album, songwriter Brian Kelly spins a web of compelling vignettes about a lurking spider, existentialism after a car accident and leaving home.

In some ways, Aeroplane Pageant can be compared to The Beatles circa “The White Album” with its eccentric storytelling and more experimental ....
3:55 a.m. Saturday 30th May 2009 EST
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