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Aimee Mann//One, Jon Brion//I Believe She's ...

Continuing on this week's wave of Nilsson (OH MY GOD IT WAS NILSSON WEEK !), here is a recording of one of my favorite artists covering one of his signature songs, produced by one of my favorite producers for another of my favorite movies AND a song by that producer, who also scored the movie. Following? Artist: Aimee Mann Song: One Producer: Jon Brion Movie: Magnolia I love Magnolia. I think I can quote the whole thing.

Gross, right? I love the Magnolia soundtrack too because, aside from the Supertramp tracks, what's not to love? Mann's rendition of "One" makes the whole thing seems like an introspective and depressing affair. Also everyone knows I have a serious hard-on for JB ....
10:24 a.m. Thursday 19th November 2009 EST
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